Letters in
Space: L.E.
Year :
Process :
Designed on Adobe Illustrator,
Built using Plywood and Plexiglas
The world around us is filled with typography and billboards, but we never think of them in a 3D way. So what if a 2D letter was transformed into 3D?

After walking in the streets of Montreal, I found two letters that I found interesting and I photographed them. I then traced them in Illustrator, then laser cut them in Plywood and Plexiglas, and glued together using 5 min Epoxy.


Hi there! I'm Nina! I see you stumbled on what seams to be my online portfolio! Welcome to Wonderland!

All jokes aside, I am a recently graduated Design student who is looking for the next big challenge in my life. I am situated in Montreal, but if you really love my work and you're in Japan, please take me to you!

I specialize in Graphic Design but am not limited to just that: I also offer video editing and Web Designing. I am a person who takes my work very seriously ( but not too seriously, cuz that's no fun). Team player is my second name and Problem solving is my third name. If I have an idea in my head, I will not stop working on it until I get the result I want; you call that stubborn I call that perfectionism.

In my spare time, I watch Netflix, look at memes and play video games, I also do some pattern ink drawing and some woodblock printing.

I'm a fun person to talk to so if you'd like to hire me or just want to talk to me, don't be shy and hit me up!
Email: ninamourtada@gmail.com
T: +1 (514) 662-6462