The world around us is filled with typography and billboards, but we never think of them in a 3D way. So what if a 2D letter was transformed into 3D?
After walking in the streets of Montreal, I found two letters that I found interesting and I photographed them. I then traced them in Illustrator, then laser cut them in Plywood and Plexiglas, and glued together using 5 min Epoxy.
“L” as in Look Through

What if we hold this L and it shows us exactly where we are looking?
After laser cuting the plywood into the L shape that was designed on Illustrator, it was assembled by perfectly staking all 21 peices in a way that will let us look through it. The red plexiglass diamond in the middle was also cut with the laser cutter and all 21 peices assembled using 5 minutes Epoxy, it was then sanded and polished. This diamond is to help us point out where we are looking. 
“E” as in Eye Glass

What if looking through the E gives us a hole new perspective on the worlds around us ?
After designeing 3 E’s with small variations on Illustrator and lazer cutting two of them on plywood and one on plexiglass, the plywood were assembeled into two batches of ten (five of each design on each side) and the plexiglass in the middle. If we look through the gap in the middle of the E, we can see the world around us red. 
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